Home Decor Challenge: The Big Blank Wall

It’s a common home decor challenge: that massive featureless wall that just begs to be decorated. Do you go the gallery wall route? How about decals? Or one great big piece of art?

Plenty of options exist for filling a large blank space. Here are a few favorites.

The gallery wall

Gallery walls combine pictures and paintings of different sizes and colors, framed and unframed artwork, and even textiles, wall decals and murals. This choice is popular for a reason: you can fill as much space as you want.

Go neutral, bold, sophisticated, or creative with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Wall coverings

Turn your big blank wall into a big accent wall. Select a wall covering that adds a burst of bold color or a fun pattern. Wallpaper with texture and intricate details will inject extra style into your space.

A thin vertical stripe looks stunning in a femininely styled living room. Or opt for a punchy red or bold navy printed wall covering to add sophistication.


Courtesy of Evelyn Benatar.

Statement art

Another effective strategy for filling a big blank wall is installing a striking piece of statement art. Hanging one or two large, eye-catching pieces creates interest and adds beautiful visual elements to the room.

Use pieces that have different textures, bold colors, or unique framing.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Build a bookshelf

If you’re uncomfortable with that much blank space, construct a simple bookshelf to take up real estate. Create a library scene with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a cozy sitting area, and a statement light fixture to bring the look full-circle.

If you don’t have enough books to fill your shelves, get creative with art work, framed photos, knickknacks, and candles.


Courtesy of Michelle Workman.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated design risks when decorating a large blank area, and remember to personalize it along the way.


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