Designers We Adore: Our Conversation with DIY Huntress

DIY HuntressA PhD student by day and decor enthusiast by night, Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress knows exactly what it takes to be creative and design-savvy on a DIY budget. We sat down with Sam to get her thoughts on design trends, the celebrity she wishes would follow her on Instagram, and the number one piece of advice she would give to a new homebuyer.

Describe your design style for us in three words:
My design style can be summed up as an eclectic lovechild of modern, rustic, and comfort.

Love it! What about your favorite room in your house?
While it isn’t necessarily a “room,” per say, my outdoor living space in my backyard is hands down my favorite room in my home. My backyard serves as a multipurpose area; it’s a yoga zen garden, puppy playpen, BBQ dream spot, and a space for me to create and build new projects.

Speaking of creating and building new projects, how do you find inspiration and continuously come up with so many new ideas?
I am often inspired by things I see in stores or on TV. I love seeing things I can’t afford and saying, “I can make that!”, and it’s even more fun to tell people later, “I made that!” It’s so rewarding to create your own projects. The more you create, the easier it is to become inspired by everyday occurrences.

It sounds like you always have something in the works! After creating so many different things, what would you say has been your favorite DIY project to-date? 
I’m a PhD student on a tight budget, so I love affordable, easy projects. I recently created these succulent planters from an old pallet I had laying around, which was so much fun to create and it was FREE! I get to stare at my cute succulents every day now.

DIY Huntress

We love that you took something old and made it new again! Speaking of upcycling and refreshing things from the past, are there any design trends from the last few decades that you think will come back in style?
Well, we already have the modern 60s furniture back in style, the eclectic patterns from the 70s, and open concept trends from the 80s, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some 90s themes such as floral patterns and damask walls start making a comeback.

DIY Huntress

Floral patterns and damask walls – you heard it here first! If you could swap houses with any other blogger or designer, who would you choose and why?
Hands down, Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” Have you seen that home!? My goodness. It’s cozy and rustic, but also feels clean and modern. I would never leave my home if I lived there!

DIY Huntress

Just like Chip and Joanna, we know you have some big fans, too! What’s the best note or comment you’ve received from a reader?
The best notes I’ve received from readers are the projects that are hashtagged with #diyhuntress or shared with me via email and social media. The best compliment I can get is knowing that my projects are inspiring other people to go out there and make things on their own! I love seeing the ways in which my readers put their own creative spin on my project tutorials (especially when they swear they aren’t creative!).


Okay, let’s fangirl out for a minute. Name one person or celebrity who you wish followed you on Instagram:
Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters is my main man. He’s a no nonsense, talented, and chill dude with a passion for spreading his artwork and making it easily accessible to the masses. What’s not to like about him!?

If you could purchase any home currently on the market from Redfin, which would you choose and why?
As we always hear, location is important when buying a home. My boyfriend was born and raised in Montauk, New York. When we met almost seven years ago, he introduced me to the town and it was love at first sight. If we’re talking specifics, there are homes listed on Redfin in Montauk that are beach-chic and cozy. This is the type of home I would love to see myself living in!

Montauk real estate

What’s the number one piece of advice you would give to someone who just purchased their first home?
I always think it’s important to remind people that a starter home doesn’t need to look like it’s straight out of an HGTV magazine—take time to find the things you want to change about the home to make it feel like it’s yours! Start small; update the paint, refinish the floors, replace that old backsplash with a new tile backsplash. Little projects go a long way! Before you know it, your home will be yours and you’ll be even more proud to call it yours because YOU were the one who did all of the work!

DIY Huntress

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