7 Ways to Achieve Classic Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style evokes a homey feeling with free-flowing interiors, comfortable furnishings and the juxtaposition of warm and cool tones. And the classic farmhouse design has only gotten more popular with eclectic twists, rustic interpretations and contemporary furnishings.

This classic look never goes out of style, so here are seven ways you can bring a farmhouse feel to your own home.

Exposed beams

Typical farmhouse kitchens combine several unique finishes. Exposed beams are one classic detail that adds texture.

While they are generally part of the foundation of your house, exposed beams radiate Southern charm by contributing a rustic, woodsy look. Beams also create more visual height, especially in crowded spaces like the kitchen.

If your home wasn’t blessed with this type of bone structure, you can always talk to a contractor about a faux beam solution.


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Rustic finishes

One lovely aspect of farmhouse style is how it makes a home look lived-in. Unlike other interiors styles, farmhouse design is meant to be comfortable and charming.

Choose rustic details and finishes to create this type of vibe in your own home. Try freshening an antique rustic wood hutch with a coat of white paint. Heavy metal hardware with unique designs are great finishing details, too.


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Butcher block

Butcher block accents and countertops have long been used in the kitchen for meal preparation and chopping. This detail is critical to creating a farmhouse style kitchen because it shows age and patina so well.

The soft wooden look of a butcher block countertop contrasts beautifully with white cabinetry and a cool marble farmhouse sink.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

White cabinetry

White Shaker-style cabinetry is ideal in a farmhouse space because of its simple, traditional look. Used in the kitchen, white cabinets and cupboards create a light and bright setting.

Consider white paint for your bathroom cabinets as well for a clean and crisp look.


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Farmhouse sink

Deep, wide farmhouse sinks were originally used for heavy-duty washing and cleaning. Although we now have the help of dishwashers, this design remains popular. Copper and stainless steel farmhouse sinks add balance to this traditional style.


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Weathered pine or white oak

Nothing says “home” more than weathered and distressed wide plank flooring. With the popularity of clean, contemporary design, this degree of warmth in hardwood flooring is less common, so incorporating it into your home is both classic and unique.

Balance this type of wood with clean, neutral finishes throughout the home, like crisp white tile and a blue and gray color palette.


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Clawfoot tub

If you have the room and the means, consider installing a clawfoot tub. Rustic, antique metal on the faucets and feet lend an authentic touch to your farmhouse-style bathroom.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

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