7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Flower Beds and Gardens

Now that summer’s underway, it’s time to brighten up your flower beds and gardens with some details and ornaments. But instead of adding a dent to your wallet, create your own details to spruce up your outdoor spaces on a budget. These simple ideas are a quick and budget-friendly way to give your garden a look you love.

1. Surround Your Flower Beds with Gravel

Flower beds and gardens

For a quick and classy flower bed upgrade, give your beds a clean border using a couple inches of gravel. No matter how big or small your flower beds are, a gravel border will add an elegant touch that highlights your blooms.

2. Edge Your Garden with Stones or Bricks


If you’ve got leftover pathway stones, pavers, or bricks, then you’ve got the perfect supplies to add an instant, beautiful edge to your flower garden. Pavers are a great, budget-friendly way to define your yard and shape your landscape.

3. Border a Patio with a Row of Flowers


Create a pretty frame for your patio or any outdoor space by adding a row of flowers, surrounded by a brick or stone wall. Colorful plants can define areas like the seating area around a firepit or an outdoor dining spot.

4. Turn Potted Plants Into Garden Edging

Terra Cotta Pots and Flowers Edging via Carlene @Organized Clutter

Combine your edging and your garden by turning small potted plants into a defining line between your lawn and your flower bed. You can fill these pots with anything from giant lilies to tiny succulents.

5. Add Concrete Garden Orbs to Your Garden

Concrete Garden Orbs via Charlotte @Ciburbanity

Make your own concrete orbs easily using a simple mix and glass or plastic bowls from your local thrift store. This craft is quick, fun, and adds a fabulous ornament to your flower beds. Bonus: the style, size, and shape are totally customizable to fit your garden space.

6. Make Garden Treasure Jars


Using recycled glass jars and glass pebbles from the Dollar Store, create these easy and colorful garden treasure jars. These are great to make with children, and they’re perfect for storing treasures and surprises that they can find later.

7. Create Concrete Stepping Stones

Leaf Print Concrete Stones via Stephanie @Garden Therapy

If you love the look of intricate leaves and patterns, use concrete and cut up empty food canisters to make your own stepping stones. Press your leaves into the concrete mold, allow them to dry and cure, and then place them throughout your garden to define and design your space.

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